Reinventing Myself

& talking about it

It is my time to wander
To explore
To invent and to create
To get lost and to find myself

11 thoughts on “Home

  1. Maroof A. Syed

    Life is all about ‘reinvention’ …being static is boring! It begins with knowing yourself and being comfortable with it. It requires ‘self-authorization’ to explore, to listen, to prioritize things that matter, and to be open to change.

    Thank you for including us in your journey, Irena.

    1. Irena Post author

      If there is a person who went through a major reinvention, that is you Maroof. So far, I am only taking baby steps and still looking for a meaningful goal.

  2. Steven

    Irena has help me so much, she was an inspiration to me and support me on my business so much, she so kind and her energy is amazing what a great person, thank you Irena

  3. biswaJIT das

    If “reinventing” is Irena 2.0, I was there when Irena 1.0, coming out of school and trying to invent herself. I believed you then and still do. Best wishes – Das @Austin, Tx.

    1. Irena Tlalka

      Thank you Das! Thank you for taking Irena 1.0 under your wing many years ago. Irena 2.0 is only possible because of the generous guidance of people like you over the years. Cheers!


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