Utopia of Nothingness

Utopia of Nothingness

Who would have known that poetry is so difficult to write ?!?!?

After I wrote a certain blog one of my readers contacted me and said that he really likes my phrase:
“utopia of nothingness.” This made me proud and I thought that maybe I should try writing some poetry. I do not know anything about writing poetry but I am assuming that it involves some catchy phrases. When people write songs, they should have a hook in a song which becomes a repeatable phrase. Perhaps I can use a similar concept in writing poetry?

I have also learned that apparently poems do not need to rhyme. Sounds somewhat silly but I guess if someone has something very profound to say, as it is being said the rhyme is secondary to the message. Unfortunately, I do not seem to have anything profound to say. Am I experiencing a utopia of nothingness or is this artists block or am I simply not an artist and I do not have a rhyme within me?

Utopia of Nothingness
I am not an artist and I do not have a single rhyme within me,
But I want to write poetry and I learned that verses do not need to rhyme.
I can write a poem which does not rhyme but says something profound.
What if I do not have anything profound to say?
Can I be an artist who has nothing to say, yet writes poetry which does not rhyme?
Maybe I do not need to be an artist and I can still write poetry.
It can be a modern poem which says nothing and does not rhyme.
I can call myself and artist and a poet and no one can say otherwise.
Well, maybe they can say otherwise but that will be unpopular.
Unpopular because these days we can do whatever we want
and no one can tell us otherwise.
We can profess talents which we do not have,
Skills which we have not worked on nor developed.
As such, I do declare that I am now a poet
and this is my debut poem published for the masses to read.

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