The Apple of Hate

In my last blog I was thinking about writing poetry. Why poetry? Because it is shorter than books and requires less plot than short stories. It is my opinion, true or false, that a poem comes out all at once. Not to minimize the art behind poetry, I decided to audit a Coursera class Sharpened Vision: A Poetry Workshop from California Institute of Arts with Douglas Kearney. I am highly enjoying the course which is composed of numerous short videos specifying important topics in poetry and each class picks a poem to illustrate the material, at then end there are a couple assignments. Assignment for class two was to use a title as a catalyst for a poem and the title should include: The [concrete noun] of [an abstract noun].

My title: The Apple of Hate

You are the Apple of Hate.
In the morning commute, you slow me down
Throughout the working day, you drag me down
During evening chores, you mess me up with hate

You are my Apple of Hate.
Every morning I get up, I think of you
Every night I fall asleep, I think of you
You make me shiver in my sleep with hate

You are our Apple of Hate.
When we make love, you take but never give
When we argue, you speak but never listen
Life is full of human chaos, when you are in it with hate

I do request that the readers do not associate this poem with any person that I know as there is no relation to anyone. There might be a meaning within the words but I need to come up with it. The poem came first and the meaning will follow (not sure if that is the order of things but it is my order of things). The poem was written in one sitting at about 3:42 AM. I could not sleep that night and I decided to complete the poetry workshop assignment and this is what came out. I actually like this poem and I decided to share it with you.

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