This is how a catch should be displayed to a camera

Not Quite a Darcizzle

The Proper Way to Display a Fish

While spending time in the Florida Keys, I decided to get into the sport of fishing. I have been taken under wing of good friends of mine with who I can go out on their boats and use their equipment. I never thought that I would like fishing but I am getting into it now. Fishing is similar to golf, an exasperating activity but it only takes one good fish or one good shot to come back for more.

To enter the sport, one requires a fishing license; easy breezy, there is an app for that. Fishing has complicated rules and regulations, breaking any of these can result in very significant penalties. In the Florida Keys rules are way more complicated because there is the Atlantic Ocean on one side of an island and the Gulf of Mexico on the other. Rules differ depending on which side of the island one chooses to fish on; one must be able to recognize fish species and then to either remember or reference specific rules associated with that species and fishing location. Everyone that I fish with is a stickler for the rules.

To understand the complexities of Florida Keys Fishing check out the differences in the Minimum Size Limit, Season and Daily Recreational Bag Limit and please be aware that this is just one of many pages of fish identification chart issued by FWC ( :

Florida Recreational Saltwater Fishing Regulations (

My average fishing experience consists of catching grunts, lane snappers, yellow tails, porgies all of which are good eats if you are into fish tacos. Many times, we also catch blue runners which are considered not good eats and they go right back into the ocean or become fish bait.

In late January I experienced an above average day at sea, it was the day that I became hooked on fishing. The day when I pulled a sizable Margate. The most beautiful fish that I held like a giant Louis Vuitton purse. The first picture in this blog depicts how a fish should be presented to a camera, my picture below shows pure astonishment of an inexperienced fisherwoman. This fish was 22 inched and 5.22 pounds and delicious of a pan with diced mangoes, avocadoes and cherry tomatoes surrounded by fluffy jasmine rice.

Holding It Like a New Designer Purse

Prior to this day, to make fishing fun, I encouraged my fishing compatriots to take fishing as a friendly competition with numerous awards:

  1. First Fist
  2. Biggest Fish
  3. Most Fish
  4. Most Unique Fish
  5. Most colorful Fish
  6. Most exotic Fish
  7. Ugliest Fish

The list of awards could be expanded at any time to facilitate the enjoyment of the day and to fit with the clientele. A friendly competition certainly makes a day of fishing more exciting. Here are a few more pictures from my fishing trips, showing the winnings with my foot as a measuring stick.

I now declare myself to be hooked on fishing and I further insist that a friendly competition of First Fish, Biggest Fish, etc. certainly adds excitement to the sport. I hope to have many more good days at sea or at least once in a while catch that one awesome fish which will keep me coming back for more.

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5 thoughts on “Not Quite a Darcizzle

  1. John M

    Que sopressa! Nice fish. Glad you can join us in the pursuit of occasionally rewarding outings. Blues are quite wonderful smoked and then chilled. Bluefins are a bit of a chore. They turn to open water and drag the boat east. Glad to see you out on the water.

  2. Mike G

    Irena firing everyone up and selling technology, that Irena I get. Who is this person talking about books, catching fish, measuring them with her feet?

    From the smile, I’l guess a happy Irena!

  3. Jeff kasten

    So awesome to see you having such great experiences! Keep it up and thanks from those of us now living vicariously through you and your blog!

    1. Irena

      I am so super pleased that people find this blog of interest. I might be out of sight but glad not to be out of mind and to occasionally sneak-in through the virtual world. Thank you for reading!


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